Welcome to Penicuik Petanque

Penicuik Petanque Club is a vibrant and active club with members of all ages based at the Petanque Piste in Penicuik Park.  The new season starts on Sunday 14th April and will last until the clocks go back in October.  We meet on most Sundays during the summer at 1.30pm social games  We are always looking for new members of any age or experience level. You will be made most welcome.

Petanque (pronounced ‘pay-tank’ or ‘pay-tonk’) is a French game played with hollow metal balls (boules) and a jack (cochonet – or ‘piglet’). Pétanque is played on hard ground such as compacted sand/earth or gravel. In France it is played in town squares, parks, camp sites etc – you may well have seen people playing on holiday. In Scotland we play on ‘all weather’ gravel surfaces which are better suited to our unpredictable climate. The Piste in Penicuik Park has been developed to suit Penicuik’s unique climate!

Petanque is a true community sport as anyone can play regardless of physical ability or age. Penicuik Pétanque welcomes all. Some people are social players who simply play for enjoyment. Others are more serious and compete in competitions. We have both social and serious players within our club and we have a registered coach on hand to assist those who wish to develop their game.

Petanque is one of the cheapest sports to play. You need a set of 3 boules each, a jack, a tape measure and a cloth for keeping your boules clean. We have a supply of boules and jacks at the club which beginners can borrow. We can also help you determine the right size and weight of boules if you want to go on to buy your own set. The cost of a starter set of 3 competition boules is around £50 and jacks are around £1.

If you are interested in learning more about Pétanque or would like to discuss our club, please contact us.